Sales Envy Review and Description – Scam, or next best thing?

Sales Envy is a new and exciting product that offers a dynamic customer management platform by leveraging on Skype software. The product provides effective, efficient, and cost effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for business owners and also serves as a sales automation machine and a phone dialer. This App promises to replace high-cost CRMs and make the cost of VoIP very affordable. Businesses can have access to numerous services and unique features which include;

1. Integrated Skype Calling

At Sales Envy Review, we’ve learned that Sales Envy offers very affordable VoIP calls for your business’ team outgoing calls. For only $3.00 a month, you can use unlimited minutes and make unlimited calls. This affordable call rates will save business owners of their hard earned cash.Additionally, the App enables you to connect with other VoIP providers that use Session Initiation Protocol(SIP). It offers dynamism. Moreover, this feature has an auto-dialing function that automatically reconnects calls in the event the original call does not go through to the intended recipient.
But that’s is not all, a business can also manage unlimited contacts as well offering the ability to set up prerecorded messages. These messages auto-plays either when a call is answered or as a voicemail for unanswered calls.Finally, the app offers the option of recording calls. These can later be reviewed by managers or by the quality assurance team.

2. Scheduling Meetings

With this App, organizing for project team meetings as well as with potential and existing has never been easier. All these are accomplished with the SalesEnvy platform.At the mere click of a button, a sales representative can schedule a meeting or make a follow-up with a customer or a prospective client.

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Sales envy Review

Sales Envy Review

3. Auto-Dialing Ability

In this Sales Envy Review, we’ve also learned that Sales Envy saves the call operators a lot of valuable working hours they would have used in making one call after the other. The App is programmed in a way that it can automatically skip to the next scheduled call. With this function, effectiveness, convenience, and efficacy are attained by the business.

4. Sale Pipeline Management

At the click of a button, a manager can see and monitor the sales queue. The business team can see the location of any desired contact and take the necessary action. As such, they are kept informed of business transactions within the firm. The business team members, managers, and business owners are therefore able to take proactive measures in ensuring that the sales pipeline is always maintained at the desired level. In essence, this App will promote proactive management rather than reactive management within the business.

5. Sales Script

This product offers a lot of flexibility in sales. The App enables your sales team dynamic sales scripts that they can use during a call.

This functionality will allow the business to identify their particular types of customer behaviors. After this identification, a list of critical parameters is used in gathering information about individual clients.Armed with this information, customer management is made a lot easier.This provides quality assurance and maximization of conversations.
Other benefits of the sales script include;
I. Entrenches a homogeneous business culture in which the business team members are driven by similar core values and guided by the vision and mission of the company. II. Offering those outside the sales team but within the business fraternity a guide to follow when taking customers through the sales process. III. Proving the team members a series of statements that help them to overcome any objections.

6. Follow Up Reminders

In this Sales Envy Review, we’ve learned as well that the reminders give complete control of the upcoming events regarding follow-up dates, due dates, time zones and the time of the day to call. With this functionality, the business stand to gain immensely in terms of;
I.Increased business opportunities II. Effective time management III. Better and efficient scheduling of activities within the enterprise. One is drawn to act on urgent upcoming events before they are overdue. IV. In general, follow- up reminders saves the business’s resource loss that would result from; inaction, wastage, and lost opportunities.

7. Call Recording

SalesEnvy enables you to record each and every call that you place. This file can be used later for quality assurance purposes, sales training and reference purposes at a later date. Specific benefits of this feature are

I. Customer Satisfaction
The key aim of recording calls is to offer customer satisfaction. By monitoring employees’ and customers interactions, one can determine the quality standard of staff thus be able to resolve customer complaints in time. Overtime employee-customer relationship will improve and thus increasing customer satisfaction.

II. Sales Training
The information gathered from call recording can be utilized for bettering the sales training. The samples can be gathered and then a staff meeting scheduled periodically to demonstrate to employees areas that need improvement. well.

III. Quality Control

Quality is a key pointer to the success or failure of organizations. Recorded calls can help in reducing entry errors. The call recording software allows all information to be saved. This can later be reviewed for important details and necessary quality actions taken. This will save the businesses time, money as well as ensuring provision of a professional and reliable service.

IV. Performance Reviews

The recorded calls can be used by managers a performance review tool. An analysis of the past and current recordings can be a basis for comparing staff progress about company standards. This promotes feedback performance.

V. Corporate Liability

Professional call recording offers business a proactive of preventing any liability which may crop up within the business. Through the analysis of particular records, a company can highlight various scenarios which may include disputes with competitors, thus avoiding potential lawsuits which can be very costly to the business.There are many technological services and tools available to improve operations within the self-storage industry. Phone call recording is an easy way to observe performance and make suggestions for improvement. Contact a StorageAhead account manager or salesperson to learn about our call recording software, PhnKey.

8. Integrated Email Follow-up

The Integrated Email Follow-up enable allows for easy sending out of personalized follow-up emails to prospective recipients. This keeps the conversation going without any interuption.

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To summarize, Sales Envy is a wonderful product capable of helping a company save thousands. The only real issue is that it hasn’t been released sooner.


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